:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: it’s been cold and windy this week…but there are buds on the trees and bulbs blooming on the ground

:: seeing these words Words and Photography by Michelle GD printed {yes, printed!} in this special publication

:: easter hopscotch


:: spending time with friends…chocolate milk for the kiddos, warm tea for the mamas

:: the novelty of soccer around here…cleats, shin guards, uniforms, practices, eager little bodies

:: sometimes feeling the ease of floating, other times the frustration of floundering as i seek rhythm in my days

:: a little ball of fur who wags her tag and offers us unconditional {and very enthusiastic} love…who often follows me about the house and plops herself down next to my feet…and when i rise five minutes later, oh the guilt i feel at disturbing her…but she doesn’t seem to mind; she just rises and repositions as necessary…there is a lesson here, yes?


and you?  what special moments filled your week?

sending a little love your way, m



6 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Lots to celebrate dear one! Woot woot on your gorgeous work spreading farther out into the world :) And your pup? Oh my!

    I didn’t realize our girls are close in age … the highlight of my weekend was seeing my girl sitting outside, very still, disposable camera in hand … waiting by the bird feeders for some “close-up” shots. I joined her and we both sat, back to back in the warm sunshine listening to the birdsong and just being in that space together. She spent the entire weekend running around backyards (our neighbors are very tolerant!) seeking new birds to record.

    Love, love love these snippets of your life … yes, poetry of living … xo

  2. Michelle ~ congrats! You must be so happy. I too have had a pretty good week: husband’s birthday, my son got artist of the month and I was chosen as a featured artist (me!!) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. your puppy looks soo adorable.

  3. Michelle, congratulations !! I’m not familiar with that publication, but it looks so inviting, and I must get it now that I know you are in it…xo
    Love the puppy picture, and your words.

  4. I hope you enjoy all the soccer games Michelle. My husband was a goalie and all of my boys have played, We love the game.

    It’s a little chilly here this morning, so much so that I had to pull out the flannel again and am sitting here with hot coffee.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. “sometimes feeling the ease of floating, other times the frustration of floundering as i seek rhythm in my days” – I can so relate to this…especially this week…its been a doozy. And the photo of your puppy {swoon}! xo

  6. What a lovely week. These small precious moments are what make our lives worthwhile.

    Congratulations on being published in Kindred. I look forward to reading it.

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