so easy


light shifting
and shadows dancing
a hush permeates
tasks fall away from my to-do list
of anything other than
the quietude
dashed from my mind

i slip into the rhythm and creaks
of the porch swing
back and forth
without effort
life can be so easy
at dusk
on a sunday
in spring

sending a little love your way, m




8 thoughts on “so easy

  1. Big sighs – YES! My craving for the past year has been Spaciousness and long moments of in between …


  2. what a wonderful place to sit. and even more wonderful is allowing yourself the time to do so.

    i am looking forward to some warmer weather here, so i can sit in our little piece of the outdoors without freezing my ass off!

  3. The weather has been so amazing the last couple of days so inspiring for some poetry. I can’t wait to get some time on my porch. Lovely sentiments about porch life! :)

  4. I would love a porch and a porch swing, maybe in another house at another time. Glad you gathered peacefulness and let the to do list wait a bit.


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