i’m feeling reflective, sad after the events that transpired at the boston marathon yesterday.  my heart goes out to each and every person affected.  my husband is a runner, has run the boston marathon twice.  i have stood  close to that finish line with my children, with one of my dearest friends and her children.  that is not lost on me.  what is also not lost on me is knowing that, while i am sad and confused as to why anyone would do something like this, i refuse to sink in fear.  and so i offer these simplest of words…maybe corny…but words that came to me last night.  


i want to rescue the vulnerable ones
enfold them with thoughts of strength and surety
and the warmth of my heart against theirs
beating in a rhythm not to be broken
but one that grows more sure and more solid
with each measure played
our songs are not dissimilar
the melody the cadence the same
we walk this earth in constant motion
let us remember the heart which beats
within each one of us
let us circle and swing and spin
and run
across this earth
as one

sending love, m



6 thoughts on “boston

  1. Have faith, my dear, in your ability to touch people with your words. You have a gift. My husband is a marathon runner, too. My children and I have stood at the finish line cheering him on. It’s a miracle how much can a heart can break and still beat on. xo

  2. I am a marathon runner. It feels like an attack on my family. My people. Shocked and deeply saddened.

    Thank you for your words, they were beautiful as always xo

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