the ripple of love

in the wake of life and its head-shaking, heart-rattling events…


it’s true.
love can never be exhausted or extinguished or eradicated.
it can, instead, be sown and tended and harvested.
extended and offered and received.
it can ripple.

in the interest of participating in the ripple effect,
i’d like to send out  a 4×4″ print of the image below to ten of you.
in the comment section, share something, anything.
please join me in the ripple of love.


comments/entries  will be taken until monday, april 22 at midnight PST.
ten individuals will be selected by random number generator and announced back here on tuesday, april 23.  now go tell someone you love them, smile at a stranger, take five minutes for yourself.  go and do love.

sending a little love your way, m

i will be sending emails to each of you who left comments.  once i’ve collected mailing addresses from you, i’ll put this little print in the mail.  thank you for playing along, thank you for touching my heart with your words.  you are all incredible.



13 thoughts on “the ripple of love

  1. Hi gorgeous Michelle! I just love-listed this post to help you spread the word. Your photos are so inspiring to me. Thank you.

  2. love notes. always good things. i find them often on my desk, tucked into my handbag, snuck into the book i’m reading – something silly from one of my kids and they always, always make me smile. it’s nice to see acts of kindness and love and generosity popping up on the interwebs xo

  3. In this busy, crazy world it so nice to stop for a moment and read your lovely posts and see your simple, beautiful images. Sigh. Thank you for being you. xo

  4. How I needed to read your post today. It’s been a tough week as I come to terms with another one of my babies now off on his own in this big world.
    Love is what matters, truly and forever!

  5. The ripples are right across the oceans now and I am feeling them here in England…we can only fight darkness with light and your light is constant..glorious and inspiring rainbows x

  6. Love to you Michelle, who always sends love and serenity to all who come into contact with you.

    Enjoy your evening and your weekend.

  7. A love note to you… May the rain wash you clean. May the sun warm your soul. May you feel loving arms around you and know how dear you are to us all. Thank you for always being such a warm loving open soul willing to share so freely and give so much of yourself. You shine brightly. I hope I can be as inspiring as you some day soon. Hugs and much love, Alisha xo

  8. I can feel the love rippling out in this direction, the beginning of a wave of goodness that will move on to envelop the world. Thank you for dropping the pebble to get it started.

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