:: little girls ::
walking behind my daughter and her friend, i listen to the exchange between these sweet girls.  their soft (for the moment) voices, their giggles, their eight-ear old anecdotes bring a smile to my face.

:: siblings ::
after picking my son up from his wilderness class, he sits in the back seat with his sister and regales her with tales of the woods.  he’s exhausted from the long day, but he speaks with spirit and pride.

:: canine ::
she whimpers and whines as dinner dishes are placed on the kitchen counter.  she smells the steak and believes scraps are her due.  i’m pretty sure i know exactly what she says.

:: he and i ::
there is talk of a birthday gift for our son who turns twelve next week.  as we discuss the gift, i quickly run through the last decade+ in my mind.  and i cannot quite wrap my mind around this.

:: blooms ::
each year, i think there must be some kind of secret and hushed conversation among the dormant plants of our world.  is it time?  what do you think?  yes, it’s time!  not quite yet, hold just a bit longer.  okay, let’s do this!  and then the world explodes into a carnival of color.  and so many of us feel our hearts soar and the corners of our mouths turn up in a smile.

these are some of the conversations weaving their way through my days…creating texture and connection…engaging, informing, and softening me.  what are the conversations in your world?

sending a little love your way, m



*** playing along with bella at 52 photos project.  this week is the first week of her third year (yay, bella!) running this project.  click here for details.  you can play along every week, or just pop in whenever you like.  all levels are welcome!  you can click here to view the week 1 :: conversation gallery.

22 thoughts on “conversations

  1. Michelle,
    Loved your post, your descriptions of the little snippets of conversation were so inviting and felt so real. Love the photo too! Thank you for stopping by my blog and I’m happy you enjoyed your postcard. Have a fabulous day!

  2. i love your snippets of conversation…but the one that made my mouth turn up was the blooms. i think you are right…can’t wait for the explosion of color in my part of the world.

  3. My daughter recently turned 15 and I’m still in shock. If you figure out how to wrap your brain around 12, let me know. ;)

  4. so glad we met, and have become friends! I treasure your words, and am a bit behind in getting back to you on so many emails. It’s a treat to experience your posts!


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