:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: driving down long stretches of road, trees on either side of me…noting the variations on green…have you looked?  incredible

:: both kids trying soccer for the first time this spring, and both enjoying it a lot…practices, games, friendly kicking in the backyard

:: the blossoms, oh the blossoms


:: realizing that i flag a lot of my emails, intending to come back to them (especially homeschool messages filled with resources)…wishing there was some way to double or triple flag…that would remind me, non?

:: my daughter getting existential on me the other day…why am i here, mama?  why am i a human?  why?

:: do you have a recipe that you return to again and again?  and, every once in a while, for some reason, it turns out exceptionally delicious?  yesterday it was the blueberry muffins


:: all of you who left comments on this post…holy wow, you blew me away with your love and kindness and open hearts…it was not what i expected…i was deeply touched by each of you and i thank you xo

:: reading this with the kids…humorous and poignant, told from a gorilla’s point of view…i watched the kids’ reactions as i read, and knew they were feeling, understanding, considering so much

:: rice noodles, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, scallions, eggs…voila, pad thai (and, voila, a smile on my face)


so, tell me, how was your week?  did you gather some moments?


sending a little love your way, m



5 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Your world always looks to be on the threshold of Full Bloom :) Oh, my girl wonders why she isn’t a cheetah (next life time … and i have to wait for her to join me!) and i am itchin’ for some true Spring fare (grilled veggies made into soup or added to pasta salad) … i think we’ve finally turned the corner and i can – once again – packed away the sweaters and parkas!

    Oh, i would rather manifest an email fairy who could organize and handle my mess!

    big love to you … big sighs … xox

  2. I’ve been in a tossed salad mood with nuts and seeds aplenty! Deep questions from your daughter, so young and so wise. how about opening another email (I KNOW! crazy) and forward them to a homeschooling only place??

  3. Oh the blossoms! I just wish they stayed with us longer! Oh how I could relate to your comment…wishing there was some way to double or triple flag…so true!!

  4. Love the flavour of spring and the peek into your week. I seem to stir fry a lot – and actually it turned out pretty delicious last night. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  5. My recipe that I find myself baking each week is for sour dough bread; I’ve been making the overnight version and it truly is better each week. Now if I can just keep from eating so much of it ;)

    Have a fun weekend!


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