this boy


this boy…
who just turned twelve
who practically bounced off the walls for three days prior
who came to wake me at 6am sharp so that we could go buy fresh doughnuts for breakfast dessert

this boy…
who wanted to see fish on his birthday
so we settled on the zoo and enjoyed other animals as well
who wanted to try out his new golf clubs
so we headed to the range after dinner and used every last ball

this boy…
who has requested the same birthday dinner for years now
which consists of new york strip steak, homemade fettuccine
(because he only likes mine, and i don’t mind admitting that this pleases me to no end),
adults-only vegetables, all followed by boston cream pie

this boy…
who listens to recorded lectures about black holes and space time
and enjoys video games more than i would like
who can read for hours at a time when lost in a fictional series
and who enjoys family read-alouds perhaps as much as i

this boy…
who has become very sporty but who also draws and paints with skill
who wrote haikus during april for national poetry month
and who runs his heart out on the soccer field, trying this new-to-him sport with a team full of boys who’ve been playing for years

this boy…
whose sense of humor is gaining sophistication
while also allowing for the less sophisticated, bodily-functions-type humor which cracks up his younger sister, ahem

this boy…
who gives the gentlest kisses
and asks his dad how his day at work went
and who, whenever i’m having a really lousy day, knows this and always finds some moment in the day to pat my back and ask if i’m okay

this boy…
he is a treasure, i tell you


sending a little love your way, m



11 thoughts on “this boy

  1. What a lovely tribute to a fine young man, M! Happy birthday to your son and happy “birthing day” to you. So much has happened in those 12 years to you both. Hugs Mama! xo

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday to your darling boy. What a beautiful piece for him. Sending both of you every good wish for the year ahead.

  3. happy birthday to your boy and happy birthing day too you – he sounds like a gem!

  4. I like his tastes in dinners ;) I have one of each and I loved raising both. Sounds like you have budding artistic scientist in your life! Happy birthday!


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