weeds and metaphors and simple truths


sometimes i come here knowing exactly what i want to say.  other times, i come with a more vague sense.  today, it is vaguely weeds and metaphors and simple truths.

there are weeds in our garden…a lot of weeds.  actually, it’s more correct to say there were a lot of weeds.  yesterday, i showed up.  it would be fantastic if they magically disappeared {or never appeared at all} but we all know that’s not going to happen.  so i trudged out the back door yesterday, knowing that if the kids and i are going to plant the garden, it must be weeded first.  and so, one by one, i pulled those weeds.  and, eventually, the kids joined me and they pulled a few weeds one by one.  and, while we have one small area left to tackle today, the garden is now a cleared patch of earth – save the herbs already happily growing – ready for seeds.

and so the metaphor…clearing the earth to make room for seeds, for new growth.  it’s so clear to me.  the daily tasks that need my doing so that i open space for inner growth…as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter.sister.friend, as an artist, as a human being.  we all have tasks in our life that just need doing, plain and simple.  some of them are easier than others, but they all need tending.  and if we tend them one by one – because there really is no other way – eventually there is room for things more glorious to take root.  there is room for life.

it’s a simple truth, this clearing away – be it weeds or housecleaning or ill feelings towards another.  we must create an opening that is sometimes physical, sometimes metaphorical in order for expansion to occur.  it’s not always easy, but it is essential.  and, if we’re lucky, there will be a cool breeze and birdsong to help us along.  now, if you’ll excuse me, i’ve got that last bit of weeds to tend to.  wishing you ease in your clearing today…


sending  a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “weeds and metaphors and simple truths

  1. I so love this post…and this photo. What you wrote makes great sense to me on multiple levels. I still have a ton of weeding to do in the garden this spring…and lots of clearing to do in other areas of life as well. It’s such hard work, but once I get started, I always feel so much better. Thank you for the reminder to show up. Xoxo.

  2. yes, clearing space is so important. i tend to clear space by staying offline when i’m feeling overwhelmed.

  3. I love when outer and inner life make parallels such as these. Preparing the ground for growth is so very important and often a step that is over looked and under valued but it also opens space to spectacular potentials. Excited to see what will grow for you. xo


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