stopping for a moment
gazing into the eyes of my reflection
the noises of the house fall aside
and i stand with myself
hello, i say, know that you are enough
i take a deep breath and curl the corners of my mouth into a gentle smile
i take these words and tuck them into my heart
for safe keeping
yes, i whisper, i am


sending a little love your way, m


yesterday, a special woman, named heather, reached out to me and asked if i would consider sharing her story here in this space.  in short, heather was diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer – mesothelioma – and was given 15 months to live.  seven years later, she is alive and well and strong…and hoping to raise awareness for this deadly but treatable form of cancer.  you can watch her video right here.  if you feel moved to do so, please link the video to your blog or Facebook page, or email it to a friend.  you can connect with heather here and here.  little bitty steps…spread the word…we each have a chance to make a difference.



9 thoughts on “enough

  1. I find underneath all my fumbling, confusion, doubt or anxiety the notion of enoughness (or not enough-ness) rests waiting for me to comfort, soothe or affirm “still and always enough.” It is a practice, isn’t it?

    Speaking of practice … are you doing some daily poetry writing? It feels that way … and not just your written pieces, but the way you are moving through the world and of course your photographs. Poem notes in light and color? I can’t wait to learn more about your e-course offering! I know it will be soul-nourishing and inspiring. xo

  2. Yes, keep giving yourself love! And thanks for reminding the rest of us to do the same. xo
    Btw- I also shared Heather’s story with some others to continue to spread her message of hope.

  3. thank you, dear michelle, for the reminder because somedays it is a harder message to remember…. sending you some love, too xo


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