it’s been a little crazy


things get crazy in life every now and then, don’t they?  not necessarily bad…but crazy.  that’s how the past couple of months have felt for me around here.  a tad bit on the crazy side.  between finishing up our homeschool work for the year, the kids’ various activities, and just general life-stuff, i feel like i’ve barely been able to come up for air.  and, again, not necessarily bad…just crazy.  last week, the kids and i took a trip to pennsylvania to visit family and friends; it was a full week, a really good week.  but after last week and all the weeks prior of go-go-go, i felt like yesterday was the first day where i could catch my breath.  the kids and i were outside, and i kept looking up.  we’d had a very brief bout of thunder and rain – and just like that – the sky cleared.  kind of like life around here, except i think things here were stirring for a bit longer.  but that same sense of a sudden clearing was how i felt yesterday.  just poof.  space in our schedule and a definite space in my heart.  i’m hoping to sink into this space with my kids and husband, hoping to sink into this space with myself.  i feel like some big personal work is coming…

and you…are you experiencing the crazy or are you feeling the space?  or maybe you’re somewhere in between.  wherever you are, i’m here too.

sending a little love your way, m



13 thoughts on “it’s been a little crazy

  1. Oh yes I can so relate. I was just thinking this morning how hectic things have seemed to be. The constant buzz of running from one thing to the next. Summer time always seems to be that way – – lots of things to do. I have given a lot of thought to slowing down, carving boundaries, and sticking to plans that I make with myself so that I can have that down time that my body so desperately clings to.

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one whose boat has been rocking and in full sail.

    Sending you so much love. xo

  2. yes, yes, yes, I know I’ve been waiting for the end of school here, and now it’s arrived! Hoping for a lot more “space,” and time to finally respond to some of your lovely emails!

  3. Yes… I’m so with you on this… It has felt like this.. Crazy is a good word. Enjoy your time with your Mr and children… As much of it as you can find xxxxx … Time to breath … X

  4. oh yes, the crazy is pretty common around here. i’ve learned (and am still learning) to ride the ebb and flow but i always look forward to those pockets of calm :)

  5. Glad to hear that you are finally getting a chance to catch your breath! I am looking forward very much to doing the same soon but still have a little ways to go yet.

  6. It seems I’ve been seeing this idea a lot online the past week or two. Lots of people feeling a lot of swirling around them. Me, too. Because I work in schools, the end of spring is usually that way for me, and summer has the potential to be a calmer time. I’m hoping that I can keep it that way. I need some relief from crazy.

  7. I hope you waved to me while you were in PA! It’s been crazy here too and I want the world to slow down. I enjoy every day but I know that feeling where you are breathless and feel events are leading you instead of you leading your own life. Enjoy the busy-but I hope you can grasp so slow down boring minutes this summer.

  8. Oh yes I think there’s been lots of ‘crazy’ energy swirling around. Big Personal work huh? excited to see what comes from that. Sending you lots of love! xo


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