:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: the past few days, i’ve been very intentional with what i’m putting into my body…keeping it clean and simple…joining pixie campbell in her 7 journeys in preparation for summer solstice, which is today…happy summer solstice to you

:: still riding on the waves of good times spent with family and a very dear friend last week

:: things are sprouting in the garden…thrilled at the seeds that have transformed into plants, less thrilled that the weeds are sprouting too


:: finally, a slow week with very little on the calendar

:: bike rides, books, walks with friends


:: easing out of the crazy into calmer spaces…it was so good to hear from many of you experiencing similar dynamics in your life…thank you all for sharing

:: a rainy day early in the week was ideal for making homemade soft pretzels…loved letting the kids take charge


so how were the moments of your week?

sending a little love your way, m



5 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. After a crazy kind of couple weeks and reading this post I also practiced 7 Journeys because of your mention here. I linked over and of course missed the Live group but still able to watch and practice with each session. It has been a very powerful yet calm way to begin each day for me so far after two mornings. Thank you for the beautiful spirit you share .

  2. I love the photos–each one a tiny glimpse into your day. We are also slowing down a bit. xo

  3. glad your week was a tad slower and mindful-I can sense your relaxation in this post. My week was good, I’m making lists and planning-what could be better? happy first day of summer!

  4. Dearest Michelle, I am so happy things are slowing down a little in you world. Bike rides, books and homemade prezels in your week sounds wonderful. Enjoy the day, the weekend, the season!


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