10 things


ten things, summer.

1.   fireflies and croaking toads
2.   neighbors who invite us to use their swimming pool
3.   lemonade and iced tea
4.   loose schedules
5.   flip flops
6.   slow mornings
7.   the anticipation of tomatoes in my garden
8.   this summer, a trip to san diego
9.   watermelon
10. green, everywhere the green

so, tell me, what do you love about summer?

sending  a little love your way, m


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5 thoughts on “10 things

  1. right up until I left home at 17, I had access to some kind of swimming place. First, the ocean, then a pool, then the neighbours pool. I am feeling very much out of sorts for not having easy access to this any more. A swim at the beach a week ago now seems like a distant memory!

    But I am off for a swim in the pond at Hampstead Heath today (& very excited I am too).

    I am looking forward to my next summer when I can swim the seas around NZ again.

    But for now, I am enjoying the summer heat, the sweetness of cherries, friends to hang out with, eating outside (breakfast, lunch and dinner), our backyard and new gazebo, walking loads (even in the heat), cool white wine, weekends filled with friends.


  2. Ha, I just wrote that I love lightening bugs [that’s what we call them here] in a comment and then I see your list!
    Love it all Michelle and I hope you are having a great summer.

  3. salads, being outside, dragonflies, butterflies, early morning light, rainstorms, day trips, vegetable harvesting, sandals, and iced tea :)


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