we have the time


i was on the treadmill yesterday afternoon…a spur-of-the-moment, twenty-minute run.  yep, just twenty minutes.  so two minutes in, i thought about how much i dislike running.  but i kept going.  when i got to five minutes, i considered the fact that i simply had to do what i had already done three more times.  that’s it!  and so i ran another five minutes and made note of then only needing two more intervals of five minutes.  easy peasy.  before i knew it, my run was complete.  i had set a goal that was realistic for my day and i got it done.

but this isn’t really about running or exercise in general.  really, it’s about pockets of time.

every day, i make a point of getting pen to paper.  it may be five minutes, it may be twenty minutes…but i get to it.  my life doesn’t afford me hours at a time to write, and i’m okay with that.  because i really like my life.  but i also really like writing.  so i figure out a way to make it happen.  little chunks of time…it works for me.

same with photography.  little shots of moments throughout my day. something that catches my eye, a mood i want to capture, a memory i want to record.  pick up the camera, put it down.  little kernels scattered throughout my day.

so my point is this:  whatever sets your heart on fire or is a true priority in your life, you’ve got to make the time to do it.  if exercise three times a week doesn’t work right now, set a goal for two times a week…and then set little goals within each workout session.  but don’t neglect the exercise because you can’t do the three times a week you think you should.  do what you can, do what works for you.  and if you want to paint, build  a bookshelf, or learn to skydive…you’ve got to show up and do it.  no one’s going to paint your canvas for you.  the world needs your.image and your.heart on that stretched piece of linen; give it to them.  as for skydiving, your friend can’t take the jump for you.  you’ve got to make the jump, you’ve got to take the leap.

you have got to show up each and every day for the things that matter to you.

so many of us lament about how busy we are (yes, i’ve been known to lament myself).  and we are busy.  but if there are things that are truly important to us, there is time in our day to make it happen.  turn off the television, decline the dinner invitation, get to bed early so that you can wake early and meditate…or skydive.

you can do it.
and, i promise you, i am right beside you, trying my very hardest to do it too.
sending a little love your way, m


***amanda’s got a similar discussion going in her beautiful space.  have a look…



12 thoughts on “we have the time

  1. i have that very same method of getting through my exercising :)

    thanks for sharing this and for linking to my thoughts – i love seeing how other people approach and make time for the things and people they love.

  2. I hate to exercise, but I love to walk and that is what I do. If we miss to many days in a row I feel schlumpy. (that is not good). Glad you find pockets in your day to fit in the fun stuff!! Have a good weekend :)

  3. I love what you wrote here. I think making a little time for something can turn in to a bigger time spent too – I always hate putting my gym kit on and avoid it all costs but once it’s on and I’m out the door well, I might as well get on with it! Same with writing. Picking up the pen seems to be the hardest bit. Once it’s in my hand it’s amazing how much I can ignore to keep writing – and how much those around me will say ‘oh, she’s writing, I’ll come back in a bit’.
    Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. This…so, so good. Thank you for the reminder that there are little pockets…I always find excuses why I don’t write. I think I need to make the time to just do it! xoxo


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