standing outside on a near-perfect summer afternoon
children cannonballing in the pool
next door
the air is a perfect warmth
and its lightness floats about me
the heavy humidity has passed
for now
and though dark clouds slowly roll in
i couldn’t ask for a better afternoon

my neighbor and i talk
and every forty seconds
or so
my fingers enumerate scores for the cannonballers
things are light and easy and fun

then the drops begin to dot the ground
and in the distance is a whispered rumble
final jumps are taken, scored
towels wrapped about
and we walk across the yards
grass tickling ankles and sticking to wet feet
we step between under around the rain drops

once indoors
the kids head for showers
i plug in twinkle lights, turn on music, make a cup of tea
we settle into quiet activities
individual yet all together
a near-perfect summer afternoon

sending a little love your way, m



9 thoughts on “cannonballs

  1. Summertime fun at it’s finest! Thanks for sharing, M. I love the imagery your words invoke. xo

  2. Yep, the same thing Karen said. I truly am thankful to be out of a drought, but all this rain is seriously mess up my beach time!


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