a little break


i’ll be taking a little break from this space and will be back in two weeks. in the meantime, be good to yourself.
before i go, i want to thank each of you who contributed to the discussion on last week’s post…so many good thoughts.  and to those of you who didn’t comment, but were here reading, thanks to you as well.  i felt like there was real connection…and something for digging deeper.

sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “a little break

  1. hi Michelle,
    gosh, I was missing your posts, and thinking maybe somehow my email wasn’t on your list anymore so I decided to check it out. I see you’re taking a break– hope it is restorative and rejuvenating! I look forward to reading your posts again when you’re back!

  2. happy break! i feel we both are treading similar territory and it comforts me to peek out and see you digging, working, playing, showing up. Like walking through those Squam woods and passing each other on the path (and just yesterday I found your poem note to me – big smiles!) xoxo

  3. Have a lovely lovely happy holiday all of you xxxxx sunshine smiles and plenty of giggling to you xxxxxx hugs x


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