:: noticing the moments :: (with a twist )

i’ve mentioned a few times that i’ve been working on some sort of online offering.  with butterflies in my stomach, i’m ready to offer it up to you and the world.  i made a video for the e-course, which is called 28 moments, and you can watch it below.  the course will run september 16 – october 13; registration for the class will open august 1 (don’t worry, i’ll remind you).  i’ll be posting details about the class in the next few days.  it will be posted in the menu at the top of this web page under e-course. the course description is listed!  please check the e-course tab in the menu above.
thank you so much for being here with me.

sending a little love your way, m

20 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments :: (with a twist )

  1. michelle! so very glad for you and this special e-course. i’m glad you’re trusting in you (even with the butterflies in your stomach). yay for this! you are inspirational.

  2. The music is perfect. The video is moving. SO happy for you…you must feel good in your belly and heart. :)

  3. What a wonderful video. Such beautiful music with heartwarming photos and sentiments. That makes really curious about your course…
    Best wishes, Manuela

  4. Oh sweet Michelle, the video came out perfectly! What a lovely collection of heartfelt moments and music you have strung together. I’m thrilled for you and so very proud of what you are putting out in the world. This course offering will be an amazing opportunity for all of us who sign up. I am on board with all of my soul (and baby, too!). Looking forward to those 28 moments…

  5. Yeah! So SO proud and excited for you! Looks amazing and I can’t wait to hear more. I think our eyes and hearts are very sympatico ♥ My offering is almost ready to reveal … on Practice … and I think you may be my missing link … wink wink ;) What you are doing meshes beautifully with what i am exploring and I am excited to share you as a resource. xo


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