a tiny whisper {for you}


sometimes i forget
and i need
a delicate sprinkle of tiny whispers
to remind me
begin again

flipping through my journal yesterday, i came to these words which i wrote back in june.  and i thought to myself, yes.  i know this is my lesson right now…to show up in my life, moving from moment to moment maintaining some level of awareness.  most especially, for me, this means figuring out how i show up for myself as an artist as well as showing up for the rest that is my life.  striking a balance.  i don’t have it all figured out, but what i do know is that if one day doesn’t go so well, another one always gifts itself to me.  there is always the opportunity to
begin again.

i see the creative work i do as a practice.  everything i do happens in small bits throughout my day.  but i make it happen.  i show up.  i’ve made a very conscious decision to do this.  no one can write my words for me but me, and no one can see my life through a lens the way i see it.  sure, i stumble.  but i pick myself up and begin again.  it is a practice…repeating something again and again, with intention.  ongoing.  i commit to the dance.

i know you get this, because in past discussions here, so many of you have shared tender insights.  we’re all in this dance together, carrying on with our own practices in our own ways.  your life might look very different from mine, but at the core, we all move through our days and we all have the choice to be aware of those movements or not.  and we all have the choice to begin again, to reset, whenever necessary.  it’s this crazy little built-in gift.  wrote a bunch of drivel?  begin again…see what comes next.  lost your temper with the kids?  begin again…with an acceptance of what transpired, apologies if necessary….and see what comes next.

always, always we can begin again.  in this, i find great comfort…and i wish this comfort for you too.  perhaps you might consider these words here a delicate sprinkle of whispers in your ear.  it’s okay to reset.  go ahead and take a deep breath, and begin again…

sending a little love your way, m


* the work/play we do in my offering 28 moments dances with this idea of practice.  will you join us?




9 thoughts on “a tiny whisper {for you}

  1. You know that’s my mantra! “Now I begin … and now, I begin again. Oops! Okay, beginning again!”:) I just love the space and focus and “ease” (but I know it’s not easeful!) with which you approach your practice. Maybe it is clarity and conviction? I come here and let your deep, deep commitment and calm wash over me and always I return to my practice refreshed and ready to sink.back.in. For this – and for your bravery and trust! I love you :)

    (oh, yes, video magic happening right now and sister, you need to make MORE videos!) xo

  2. absolutely feeling that way, too, and reminding myself that it will take some discipline to put the resolve in to practice! Making room, and carving out the time. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Everyday is a new day, a day filled with it’s own gifts, challenges and adventures, and when we show up we accept what is offered and greet it head on. I’m glad you are committed to the dance, it’s worth it!
    Love to you on this Friday afternoon. T

  4. since your blog will not allow me again to comment…I am sending you my words here..

    Oh Michelle, You write for the voice of so many of us. I pick myself up everyday, and do a little jig, dancing a new life into my artwork, love and family. It is not always easy, as I want to be led sometimes, and not always be the donkey in front of that cart. I am taking these words to heart.

    much love, Deb

    Come sit a spell with me http://diddebdoit.blogspot.com/

  5. That’s really all we can do, dust off our feelings of insuffiency and lack of inspiration and just turn up and practice. I really needed this post today Michelle, it encouraged me to do just that.

    Thank you.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  6. beginning again is the only choice and each and every time we stumble as people and parents we have a learning opportunity. My gram would say “count to ten” before exploding or saying an unkind word, she was so wise in her ways sometimes I wish I would have listened :)

  7. Oh Michelle,
    Thank you for every word of delicate sprinkles you shared here. I identify so much with your thoughts. Showing up and striking a balance…two things I try to practice as well. So hard at times, but so essential. I love that you use the word practice. It reframes everything. If I can remind myself to just keep practicing, then it’s easier to accept the days my dance in this life are anything but graceful. I wish you gentle whispers of encouragement and comfort as well, today and every day…


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