after dinner
we find our way outside
flip flops sneakers bare feet
down the wooden steps
and into the yard

bellies full and satisfied
with grilled summertime fare
we tear free

the pup races in circles
our circles are larger less formed
and include
soccer ball cartwheels swing

the sun
our loyal daily guide
dips behind the junipers
peeks between boughs
whispers goodnight

we laugh smile tumble
revel in a summer eve
the grass cool against feet and ankles
the air warm in its embrace
gentle near perfect

and then
with some regret
we move indoors
the circles smaller and smaller and smaller

we each lie quietly with book
or closed eyes
one summer day transitioning
into the next

the air will turn crisp
layers will be donned
but the circles will go on
larger or smaller yielding

always we circle
around and with each other
around and with the seasons

circle cycle
essence and rhythm


sending a little love your way, m




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