breaking surface


tomato sauce simmers on the stove
and i sit here
trying to hear my voice
my true voice
not the voice i think they want to hear
or even
the voice i think i want to hear but
the voice that i hear
in truth

the voice that i feel vibrating within
if a voice can pulse
because i think mine does

and i sit here
feeling its beat its rhythm
my rhythm
and i open to the acceptance of what is

i hear the sauce as the bubbles pop
within me
my voice
repeating popping breaking surface

and if i am
i hear my voice
breaking surface
loud and clear


sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “breaking surface

  1. this is riveting.
    I am listening.
    not only to you, here and now, but my own inner voice.
    sometimes waiting to pop.

    thank you for this story….I will never forget it when I eat and make and simmer marinara sauce!!

  2. so pretty! I love your words and the photos that you pair with them. I’m settling into my days after a long weekend away!! I needed this post to breathe..

  3. i struggle with hearing my own voice or figuring out which voice it is that i’m hearing inside. but at least i’m aware and i can try to discern which voice it is that i’m hearing and go from there. as always, something for me to think about. x xx


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