:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: carrots…weeding the garden the other day, i pulled out these babies…i’d kind of forgotten that we planted carrots…our garden has been incredibly sub-par this summer and my attitude towards it more or less reflects that sub-par state…i’m a bit disenchanted, you might say…but these carrots, they were something

:: beginning a new (home)school year…transitions and changes and shifts…feeling that

:: an overnight camping trip with friends…mountains, woods, campfires, marshmallows…no running water…upon coming home, the sweetest hot shower and the flush of the toilet


:: my journal…somedays i feel too tired to visit its pages…but i do, i did

:: the magic power of podcasts while running…listening to this…it’s fantastic

:: lisa is offering a wonderful exploration of the idea of practice…those of you who read my musings know this speaks to my heart…{p.s. she was so lovely to invite me to be a special part of her offering via a taped interview}…her class, the gift of practice, begins on monday, 9/9…it’s not too late to join her

:: children growing fast…my daughter won’t be needing her stool at the bathroom sink much longer…i’ve been watching the sink routine, preparing myself (and taking pictures, obviously)…also, my son building and tending the fires on aforementioned camping trip…seeing his pride, feeling my own pride, and enjoying sitting back and actually relaxing


and what about you?  what were the moments of your week?


sending a little love your way, m




6 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Thank you for the nudge to show up to my space/practice even though I am completely knackered! Moments I don’t want to forget … so easily lost when tired and shuffling forwards … and did you hear my big gasp? My girl has the same footstool and I have countless photos of her at her sink, long toes curling over the edge … great eyes look at the same details :)

    Thank you for the shout out – you are first at bat and I am excited for the group to meet you! xo

  2. Love this, gorgeous image of the camp lamp. My daughter started junior school this week. Kind of a big moment (and one I’m still trying to get used to!). Happy weekend. :)

  3. oh I can just imagine the sweet taste of those carrots. Like Natures Candy.

    my sweet moments this week involved Jackisms, newbie Mishers and Mashers discovering ways to play, and oh that weekly phonecall from my One Son. ( he has my heart )

  4. They are the most darling chubby carrots. You know my garden was also just sub-par this summer. I decided for the first time ever to plant some winter things in the ground. The gift of your carrots makes me smile. This is great getting to know you.

  5. my moments are watching the brown leaves already dried up on the side of the road where we walk, and bright golden and red ones joining in. I feel cozy deep down inside :)


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