me and my senses…right now

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

right now i see…
1.  the bright pink of zinnia petals, the dusting of golden pollen
2.  the gorgeous turquoise cover of the book i’m currently reading
3.  the darkening gray sky as we await a storm
4.  the deep brown of chili-infused dark chocolate

right now i hear…
1.  the giggling of my children as they watch a brain pop video
2.  the rumbling thunder of the approaching storm
3.  the hum of the air conditioner
4.  the silence that fills the spaces between

right now i touch…
1.  the worn wood of my desk
2.  the smooth plastic keys of my keyboard
3.  the edge of my shirt sleeve meeting my shoulder
4.  the essence of this moment

right now i smell…
1.  the zinnias’ scent of summer
2.  the richness of dark chocolate and its peppery chili
3.  the refreshing absence of smell as i sip my water
4.  the familiarity of my home

right now i taste…
1.  the just-right sweetness of dark chocolate
2.  the surprising bite of chocolate infused with chili
3.  the clarity of clean water
4.  the satisfaction of a day lived well

and you?  what are your senses telling you right now ?


sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “me and my senses…right now

  1. Michelle, this has to be one of my favorite posts from you, I love it.
    I will have to think about your question, very thougtht provoking.
    Have fun this weekend.

  2. Simply beautiful! Taking account of each sense and each sense showing that to be present in the moment is the true place to be. A wonderful exercise and one I intend to try out. Thank you for sharing this. In this early morning moment, my senses say go have some breakfast.

  3. My senses are telling me that I need to rest… to get lots and lots of rest. If only I did not suffer from insomnia. :(


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