breathing and floating

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so what do i want to say to you today?  what do i want to write?  sometimes my heart is so full and my head so busy that it’s hard for me to distill.  and so i sit here and let the words flow freely, not knowing what will come out. of me.  wanting to not overthink, but rather to feel my way through this.  we’ve been busy lately.  and i imagine you have too.  yesterday was the first day in a while that i felt like i could take deep breaths.  let the air fill my body.  and then let it out.  slowly.  the kids felt different to me too.  they didn’t bicker with each other even once yesterday.  in between schoolwork assignments, they played together nicely.  like really nicely.  and i could take those deep breaths.  i could read to the kids and answer questions and make meals.  and then i could exhale fully.  i sat with my own thoughts a bit, my own words.  and it was good.  so this is where i end up.  breathing.  deeply and fully.  feeling a sweet relief from the past couple weeks as we settled into new school routines and spent two weekends in a row out of town.  this is where i end up.  feeling my way into this new week with freshness and an open heart.  today’s going to be busy.  and tomorrow too.  but the breaths are flowing.  and i know i’ve got this.

to have faith is to trust yourself to the water.  when you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.  instead you relax, and float.   ~ alan watts


wishing you days of floating, my friends…

sending a little love your way, m




11 thoughts on “breathing and floating

  1. Mom to mom this post is just what I needed to hear, I know those days exist (the good ones) I’m just still trying to find that perfect balance between school just starting again, meals, homework, driving, working and time to myself. I know you teach your children so even more so your days are filled with strange moments depending on the cohesion of your children. I’m trying to find the rhythm now. Hoping soon it will come or at least have more days as you explain above, floating rather than trudging through. I love to float on the water in real life, it’s one of my favorite things to do. The image is also very nice to go with your words.

  2. Great post! I think it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to stop. Yesterday after getting back home I did just that. Stop. It was wonderful to be here, a little bit of daydreaming in between my lists of to dos. I was quite productive with my pauses in the day.

  3. Oh you had a wonderful Monday. Today is my floating day, the last day of a 10 day juice fast, temperture in the 80’s, my house is clean and the day is unfolding nicely. Yes, it’s a good day.

  4. I’m always glad to have those floating days. We cherish them because life itself can be crazy busy…and when we realize that we are breathing and deeply we savour those moments. I love this photograph — it makes me feel like I’m standing there, inhaling the scent and the being in the moment.

  5. Truth.
    Every afternoon Matt and I go “float” in the ocean.
    We run to the Sea, past the third row of breakers, and float.
    We bob and bounce. We are washed anew.
    Breathe in one. Out two. In three. Out four.


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