:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

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:: week two of my e-course, 28 moments...i have the loveliest group of women gathering in this class…honestly, i want to hug them tight

:: long days on tuesdays and wednesdays, every week now…still adjusting to these new rhythms

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:: a walk in the woods…a little time with the trees always refreshes

:: crisp mornings

:: monday was a frustrating day with computer issues and general everyday-ness which is sometimes messy…but after dinner, we spent time playing outside gathering treasures…and my heart felt light again

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:: overwhelm rolling into waves of peace…riding the swells

:: getting pen to paper each day…the commitment and the release

:: turning leaves, falling leaves, the accompanying crunch…and a daughter who actually wants to rake (at least for now)

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and what about you?  what were the moments of your week?


sending a little love your way, m




9 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Hi Michelle, I’m here at your blog after seeing you on Instagram! I loved this list and your images – I felt soothed by your moments & reminded to list my own. :) Thank you!

  2. Liv, I will be taking the course with you after the New Year and wont it be such a great way to begin our new year? I like the part about collecting little bits of nature and your little raker who still likes to rake and your wise mama heart knowing that stage is but a speck in time. This week for me went by in a flash, today I woke up and thought, “welp another week behind me” I watched a lot of Mad Men, my new obsession, I spent a little time worrying about my oldest and all the while I knew I should be reading and doing homework myself for another class I’m taking. Sometimes it feels better to just watch an episode and bake some banana bread. Have a wonderful weekend Michelle.

  3. My babies use to love raking leaves and then jumping in them.
    I have been dealing with internet and television problems all morning, such a headache, but at least it’s now over and I can look forward to a peacefilled weekend.

  4. beautiful moments! I was just listening to the crunch as well. I hope you keep your raker of leaves for at least a few weeks. Both kids are home this weekend so my house is full!!


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