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feeling all kinds of vulnerable lately.  and trying to keep my head on straight and my heart wide open.  i normally love this time of year as the warm weather shifts into cooler temperatures, as new school rhythms fall into place.  and, while i’m enjoying the seasonal changes, the rhythm part is really getting me this time around.  i’ve endeavored to figure it out, but have come up mostly blank. we’re trying some new things with homeschool (more outside classes) and i imagine that newness is part of my challenge.  but i think, more so, the unrest is that newness coupled with the newness of certain creative ventures for me.  it’s a little frightening to put oneself out there.  to just lay it on the line…letting people know you have something to say….more that that, something to share.  because that’s what it boils down to, for me.  i’ve something i desperately want to share.  some days i’m not always sure what that something is.  but it’s there, it’s made itself clear to me.  i have this incredible yearning to reach out, to connect, to nudge people’s hearts.  and, truthfully,  sometimes i feel like i’m floundering.  but i’m committed to showing up.

and, in this season of transition, the zinnias in our garden continue to charm me.  i find enormous comfort in the way they hold onto their color and in the way they stretch upwards.

when we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable.  but to grow up is to accept vulnerability… to be alive is to be vulnerable.
~madeline l’engle



sending a little love your way, m


19 thoughts on “vulnerable

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  2. i think feeling vulnerable can be good – it means the work you’re doing matters to you, you want it to count. i know you’ll make it count!

  3. I have spent a bit of time here in your space this morning, getting to know you, working my way to this post. It is like you are in my head, and in my heart. It does amaze me at times how we reach out and then find that common thread which pulls us in and speaks to us. Thank you for reaching out in Now You. I am glad I found you.

  4. Oh, my friend, just bravo for you for moving forward into vulnerability! The class is so very lovely, truly, I’m adoring it with my whole heart! I think when we are brave, and move into those places ,we eventually find our deepest value…xo

  5. “Nudge peoples hearts” ? Oh yes my dear friend, you do that. I hope you find the calm, the center that you need to feel not so vulnerable in your days because I think you’re wonderful and I’m glad you show up!

  6. I thrive on a schedule so if that is compromised then I am very vulnerable. I think that you will sail through your change in rhythm-figuring out what is causing the unrest is half the problem, don’t you think?

  7. Your vulnerability is beautiful, dear M, just like this lovely zinnia. You truly are a nudger of hearts in the most charming of ways. Keep showing up. It is frightening at times, yes. Normally I love this time of year, too, but I find myself struggling with transition right now as well. I don’t know the answers, but I do know that you are loved, appreciated, and needed in this world. Your e-course is a genuine gift to us all…

  8. oh my goodness, how timely. Vulnerability & the struggle to keep one’s head above the waters of one’s own dark thoughts has been on my mind today, too. I’m very new to this public blogging world, and I came here to tell you that your kindred-spirit-comment on my fall collage today did me SO MUCH GOOD. So thank you for that, & I hope you keep your chin up! As I often have to remind myself: between effortless swimming and sinking, there’s the very respectable doggie paddle. And at least the doggie paddle means you’re doing it, whatever it is, feelings-of-floundering and all. May you get your seasonal groove back soon!

  9. I love how through sharing we find common threads, just like Julie above me recognizes that what you share here is similar to what she is experiencing in her class. These things always make me smile. The little threads of common. I also love the fact that you long to connect, reach out. You are good at it.

  10. so interesting that you’re talking about this as we’re talking about vulnerability in my “writing the unspeakable” class. had to listen to Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability. absolutely it takes courage, authenticity, faith. you’re doing it. vulnerability is necessary for connection.

  11. i’m in awe of you, m. to be so open to the whole wide world. letting everyone know your fears. it really takes a special kind of courage (one i don’t have), i think, to do that. rest assured, my dear, you are well loved and your e-course is as lovely and special as you are. xo

  12. I hear you Michelle – it takes courage to leap and you are leaping! I’m so excited for you and am trying to see if I can join your offering – Step forward with a BraveHeart my friend – Ever upward :) xo

  13. This post is such a tender and touching expression. That you are willing to share your open heart and kindness and vulnerability is brave and beautiful. I read your course description, and I feel your new creative endeavor will resonate with many. I think you are on the right track. Vulnerable is also a word of strength. Kind regards,


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