ten things, right now…

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

ten things, right now…

1. sourdough rolls baking in the oven
2. autumn leaves dancing outside my window
3. yo-yo ma on pandora
4. the pup and her pleading eyes…just a little more scratching behind the ear, please
5. a quieter-than-normal tuesday
6. mary oliver in my heart (this one, in particular)
7. socks, jeans, long sleeves
8. my three favorite people all home today, all doing separate things, but all here together
9. the sunlight shining on my desk
10. this moment of pause

what does your right now look like?

sending a little love your way, m



15 thoughts on “ten things, right now…

  1. cool breeze across my bare back
    coffee blonde and sweet
    jazz vinyl playing in his room
    Texas wind-chime ringing deeply
    listing my To-Dos for the day, the month
    Love Doves cooing outside
    Nag Champa filling the air
    apple cookies in dehydrator
    awaiting the arrival of a Baby Boy { Jennifer }
    28 lovely moments with you

  2. right now I’m drinking in the autumn colors that I see through all of my windows. the weather is perfection, not too cold or hot. And having leftovers for dinner tonight-no cooking-a mini vacation!

  3. wet and a bit chilled from a long walk with a friend in the rain, beef barley soup cooking on the stove for dinner tonight, cold hands while i surf the internet, a hot cup of coffee near me, silence, clouds, rain, happiness for a friend about to have a baby, sadness for a friend struggling with cancer….love for you, michelle. xo

  4. today looked like: lunch made, errands ran, dog walked, showered, coffee of course, a grooming appointment, coffee with a friend and then, more packing! it’s a good day.

  5. Michelle – you are such a bright light – shining your light on the path so we an all walk with you. This is a lovely list – and the photo again takes my breath away for it’s beauty is in the stillness – the quiet contemplation I see there. many blessings to you my friend..xoxo

  6. Hi Michelle. :) Mine right now looks like: sun coming through the office curtains, coffee with a pink lid for breast cancer awareness month, little kids running around, and Hay House new-agey wahoohah on the internet radio for inspiration. Hope you have a good week!

  7. the sound of the rain
    the scent of a new vanilla perfume
    my heart beating
    he’s napping
    the dryer tumbling around
    laughing at emma’s response (she knows how to lighten up your day)!
    my headache is gone, thank goodness
    contemplating whether human beings are part of nature ( it feels like we are, but according to the dictionary we are not)
    more rain and the new roof that hasn’t happened
    hello michelle and thanks.


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