if i speak my words
will you listen?
if i extend them to you
will you gingerly tuck them into your heart
for safe keeping?

because one day
i may need you to pull them out
and speak them back to me

and i will listen
and i will tuck them tenderly then
and we will know
that each has been heard


sending a little love your way, m

p.s.  have you visited stay with yourself yet?  it’s a lovely space of collected stories.  the world is full of stories that need to be told, and i’m wondering if you have a story you’d like to share.  if so, check the submissions tab.  and if you’d like to read a story i shared, click here.




10 thoughts on “exchange

  1. Thoughtful, beautiful words as always. And the photo too – lovely. Thank you for the recent links you have provided – wonderful sites I may not have encountered without your guidance.

  2. poetic inspiration and love in your words my friend. seeing you light the world up with your gentle ways and thoughts and creativity – thank you for always showing up :) hugs and love


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