pet peeve

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i’ve got a few pet peeves.  one of them involves shopping carts.

yesterday, after paying for my groceries, i walked out to the car and unloaded the goods.   then i took my cart to the shopping cart corral in the parking lot.  a mess.  the carts were turned this way and that; only two of them were pushed into each other.  i know this may not faze any of you.  but it fazes me.  makes me just a wee bit crazy.  because really, are people in such a hurry that they can’t push their carts into the one that’s been left ahead of theirs?

apparently, some people can’t.  because nearly every time i go to the grocery store, the place for returning carts is a mess.  no biggie, you say.  and i know that.  but it’s a pet peeve.

so i organized the messy carts and got them all pushed into each other.  took me all of 20 seconds.  and the person whose job it is to collect the carts and bring them back to the store…well, i like to think i just helped make his or her job a tiny bit easier.  there was a gentleman parked next to the shopping cart corral and he was watching me through his window and i think he was chuckling, though i’m not entirely sure.  and i suspect he would have chuckled even more if he knew that i waited for him to pull out of his spot so that i could go back and take a picture of the carts.

cause, you know, i couldn’t resist.  i was having myself a little moment.  a peevish moment, but a moment.

and you?  come on, tell us a pet peeve…


sending a little love your way, m



12 thoughts on “pet peeve

  1. Ha, I do the same thing, it drives my kid’s nuts, but I’ve always straightened the carts.
    My pet peeve is listening to someone chew their food, drives me crazy. Oh, and leaving just a shallow in the milk jar !?! Why? I just don’t get it.
    And litter…oh, maybe I had better be quiet now/

  2. Oh I could go on and on -the carts is one but we’ve got the folks that leave the cart in the parking lot and never make it into the coral-I will offer to take cart back to the store if people are down loading thier cars. My pet peeve is the schmucks that don’t use turn signals-I could go on-but I won’t. Xo

  3. Oh my, I did the same thing a couple of week’s ago. I mean really, you already walked your cart and put it in the corral area, why can’t you just push it in!!!!

  4. Thanks for another great post. You have a way of saying what is in my head … again! My pet peeve is how the general public completely disregards speed limits. It doesn’t matter what it is…it’s just never fast enough; and funny to see that guy/girl who tailgates then passed me (un-safely, I might add) is still beside me at the next stop light or intersection. Slow down people, smell the roses, see the sunset/sunrise!


  5. Oh my goodness. I do this to. It drives me bonkers when others don’t even return there carts. Dustin has gotten used to picking me up at the cart corral. Haha.

  6. Our grocery store has someone to do that, and they do do that so it’s not my pet peeve. I think I have road rage. I get very impatient with slow drivers in front of me, or people who tailgate me, or for the clueless people in general. I dislike body odor and smelling it (grocery store). People who eat with their mouths opened, people who sniff repeatedly…..okay….I need to stop or I’ll just keep regurgitating all my peeves :D

    Love that you brightened someone else’s day today :)

  7. You are so cute, Michelle! I am 100% positive that the young man or woman who has to come collect those carts was very happily surprised to find them all orderly! My pet peeve is people not using their blinkers! How hard is it to tell the person behind you that you are turning? The only time I feel a bit of road rage.

  8. Interestingly enough…in Scotland you have to pay to use the shopping carts. All the carts are lined up and locked together near the door. You simply insert a one pound coin and the cart unlocks from the stack. After you finish shopping and put your groceries in your car, you return the cart to the parking lot (or car park) cart area and lock it back into the stack and you get your one pound back. I think it’s brilliant!

    1. oh, we found this system in canada when we visited two summmers ago!! it does solve the problem!
      (still, i wish people would just do the right thing…but maybe i’m a dreamer)

  9. That is too funny because I do the same thing! How hard it is to push them together?! So my pet peeve is discovering a great article or blog post and finding a misspelling…makes me a little nuts :)


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