i said yes

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as we do our grocery shopping, my daughter asks if we can buy a bouquet of flowers…this happens nearly every week.  i say no…this happens nearly every week.
but this week, i say yes.

this week, there are flowers on the kitchen table.  and in the kids’ bath.  and in the master bath.

there’s also a smile on my face.
as i walk by the kitchen table.  as i walk past the kids’  bathroom sink to gather their laundry.  as i stand at my bathroom sink brushing my teeth.

because my daughter’s heart was open in asking.  because my heart was open in receiving.

flowers are good.  asking is good.  allowing is good.
what might you allow into your life today, tomorrow, next week?
(go on, you can do it…)


sending a little love your way, m


gratitude week begins on monday!  of course, i believe in looking for and holding gratitude each day of every week and month and year.  but next week, let’s explore gratitude together…




4 thoughts on “i said yes

  1. Your post gives me a nudge. I saw a tiny rose plant in our store just yesterday, after I had bought our few items for dinner. I said “Oh, I NEED that little rose” My Abbie girl said “get it mom” But since I had already completed my purchase, I said “next time” I had better made that next time soon. She thought getting back in line wouldn’t be a problem. I love the way children think. Your story was so good. It made me smile. Love your friend Tracie.

  2. Oh so glad you let the joy of flowers into your life this way! I love having flowers around and buy myself a bouquet almost every week unless I can gather them from my yard. It’s a little gift I give to myself and I feel they help bring more love, joy, and beauty into my home as well. They also have the delightful power to bring you to the present moment too! ;) Have a fabulous weekend!!


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