gratitude week :: day 4

november 14, 2013
i am grateful.


::  fresh views of the sky through skeletal branches

::  clean, fresh water {my heart goes out to those suffering without}

::  the way our pup plops herself down next to me on the sofa, resting her paw in my lap

::  beginning the day quietly – and deliciously – with these

what is your gratitude today?

sending a little love your way, m

this is day four of gratitude week 2013.  wanna join the party?!

click here to read about gratitude week.  
remember…there are no rules.  you can share in this space or explore gratitude in the quietness of your heart.
{if you’re posting on your blog or on flickr, please leave a link to that post in the comments so we can all visit your space and enjoy}


17 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day 4

  1. gah, I need a donut now! I am grateful for chocolate of which I eat daily, cell phone calls from the kids, texts from family, a clean kitchen (for now) and Frodo’s new groomer who ‘gets’ him.

  2. I’m grateful to have your pumpkin donut recipe to look forward when I return from Philadelphia! I’m grateful that I could spend the day helping my Mom set up her new residence, in a local retirement community. When I returned home, Kent and the kids had raked all of the leaves into the woods. So much to be thankful for….

  3. I love this post. It’s simplicity. Reminding me to enjoy the little things. The photos are perfect! Thanks again for this project. Connie.

  4. I am actually thanking you for reminding me to look out for the things I’m grateful for.. Such a good reminder. Today the sun is shining and it’s beautiful out there…leaves falling and wind blowing gently. Yes we are lucky to be safe and have comforts of a home, love…good and creative opportunity.. And I have macaroni cheese..!!!! How good us that.??!! Xxx :)


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