gratitude week :: day 6

november 16, 2013
i am grateful.


::  a morning run…which i totally appreciated because i usually hit the treadmill at night…morning, outside, so much better

::  a friend who taught me how to knit…i’m still in scarf/rectangle mode…but i think of her just about every time i knit

::  my desk…how i love this little space in our home…deliciously all my own

::  my daughter asked me to push her on the swing…at first, i looked at her like really? you know how to pump your legs…but then she told me when i push her, it reminds her of when she was little…yeah, totally grateful for that exchange

and you?  what’s going on this weekend that fills you with gratitude?

sending a little love your way, m

this is day six of gratitude week 2013.  wanna join the party?!

click here to read about gratitude week.  
remember…there are no rules.  you can share in this space or explore gratitude in the quietness of your heart.
{if you’re posting on your blog or on flickr, please leave a link to that post in the comments so we can all visit your space and enjoy}

13 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day 6

  1. How is this technically working when I want to add your photo and the link? I would just post the photo and write down your link into the caption of the Picture, is this what you mean? x and thank you for this wonderful Inspiration.

  2. Reblogged this on nicseventysix's Blog and commented:
    After a few weeks hardly stopping by here on WordPress I found this beautiful post by Michelle which I find so inspiring that I want to join and invite everyone reading this to go check out her post and the wonderful idea behind it. To me it was such a precious gift to discover on a grey-ish November morning…

  3. Making the beds this morning before we went swimming I was listening to Lucy chatting to the cat and laughing her head off…these things won’t last and to listen to their secret connection and games….hugely grateful.! Xx


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