blooming together


coming off a week of daily posts leaves me with what now?
gratitude week was a week full of paying attention.  a week full of looking, listening, feeling, acknowledging.  it was good.  and i thank all of you who participated in this space, in the space of your own blogs, and in the space of your hearts.  community is good.

and so what now?  sunday blends into monday into tuesday.  there is flow and rhythm and dailyness.  the gratitude continues.  i continue.

i make choices about how i move through my days, about how i perceive aspects of my days, about how i genuinely (or disingenuously) experience my days.  what now?  well…one day at a time, one moment at a time.

if i hold intention and am deliberate in my days and moments, there is potential for richness.  indeed.  if you’ve been with me for any amount of time, you know i am keen on the tiny moments of our days.  they hold quantities of truth and love.  they are the seeds through which we bloom…individually and together.

i like this idea of blooming.


sending a little love your way, m


**if the idea of intention speaks to you, i’m running a free online gathering, the first week of december.  click here to get the details {you’ll find instructions for signing up}.

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4 thoughts on “blooming together

  1. Blooms sometimes pop up in surprising places, like this precious post. How generous to bless us with another message of abundance, completely unexpected after a week of loving images and text! Thank you, for giving words to shape and focus this moment: this is indeed a season of blooming, if I have eyes to see, hands to shape and touch, and heart to beat. (I also just noticed this post right now: this will teach me to not take two days off of e-mail! Even e-mail blooms more than more work for me, as your blog reveals.)

  2. I like the idea of being in the moment. I usually am unless I decide to worry about something, such a waste of time!! Off to see your link :)

  3. yes, just in the small amount since I have known you I can truly see you appreciate the moments, however small or grand and more so on the small. That’s what I have had the privilege to read and see through your images and it’s been such a great place to spend time. Love your friend Tracie

  4. Dearest Michelle,

    I have been in such a fog since Mish Mash. I gave it my heart, soul and all of my time. I slowed down for a minute, then geared back up into some traveling…still on the go until mid December !! But I will be home during this time of intention. Looking forward to some still mindful moments with you again.



    Come sit a spell with me


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