the practice of life

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this week, i’m sharing a week-long journey of intention setting with some pretty lovely women.  and, so naturally, things like intention and practice are on my mind.  today, i shared with those gathered in the group how i love the word practice.  not practice makes perfect, but rather practice as engaging consistently in an act or a feeling with intention…showing up, trying.

to me, practice is inherently full of both potential and forgiveness.  it’s not about some end goal, some piece de resistance.  in its simplest form, it’s about living.  our lives are one long practice.  we show up each day and do what needs doing…whether that means hopping in the car while it’s still dark and heading to the office, or cleaning the toilets, or sculpting the david.  we engage.  we move in determined directions.

sometimes this happens easily, without any hitches; sometimes we hit a bump in the road.  but if we hit a bump, here’s the part i love…we begin again.  because it’s all one big practice anyway.  no one’s expecting us to get everything right every single time.  we just need to keep keeping-on.  we hold intentions and goals, dreams and desires in our heart and we move forward.  with intention.

at this time of year, when so many of us have schedules extra full with holiday planning and our minds are easily carried elsewhere, i find great comfort in the notion of practice.  i can come back to where i need to be at any moment.

what do you think about this idea of practice?


sending a little love your way, m




6 thoughts on “the practice of life

  1. yes, yes, yes, completely agree! We can always begin our practice again with more gentleness and grace. Was just thinking about this, and thinking, oh,no, I forgot to plan to do something about this today, then realized as I was waking up from a nap with my littlest one that THAT could be my action for the day — wanting to rest and taking a nap, and doing it! Self-care and nurture during this busy season. Love your work and your words, my friend!

  2. It’s made it so much easier for me to read your words and to give myself grace. So many years I have wanted to do it all and perfectly….or as perfect as I can do. Then to feel defeated because I couldn’t stand up to standards I set on myself. Far to high of standards. We were created imperfect for a reason. I love the words you choose carefully to explain the process.


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