ten things, right now…

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ten things, right now…

1.  snow falling (a happy sigh about that)
2.  the pup (who loves the snow) going in and out…but the constant in and out means constant toweling off…and it’s getting a little old (and it’s only 7:52 in the morning)
3.  a warm cup of tea
4.  children busy with schoolwork…soon we’ll go out to play
5.  the lights on the christmas tree…they reflect onto the window by my desk so that i see them as i type this
6.  the faint hint of pine in the air…thank you, christmas tree
7.  my wool slippers…i love them so
8.  a daddy home from work because of the snow…that makes four happy people in this house
9.  the clink of spoon to bowl as my husband eats his oatmeal
10. the feeling of cozy and this moment of pause

what does your right now look like?

sending a little love your way, m



4 thoughts on “ten things, right now…

  1. I’m by myself early this morning and Frodo is snuggled on the couch it’s too cold to go outside and play! Coffee is in the air but I’ve had my allotted share this morning. lovely right now :)


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