settling into joy


winter months call for hot cocoa
and so we oblige
warming whole milk on the stove
taking turns to stir
adding cocoa, sugar, a dash of salt and
when it’s reached just the right temperature
(because just-right temperature is key)
we pour the chocolatey goodness into our mugs
our mouths watering at this point
some of us request marshmallows
and why deny this pleasure
so they get dropped in
and they float and soften into gooey kid-friendly wonderfulness
and we gather
we three on a wintry afternoon
warm and cozy inside and
we gaze at the white wonderland outside and
we settle into a bit of joy


sending a little love your way, m



**playing along with bella at 52 photos project

7 thoughts on “settling into joy

  1. no store bought coco will ever compare and those children of yours will carry it on. It will be so amazing how this will filter down. Thank you for 7 days intention. I received the email and I appreciate you and your heart and what you offer here, a place to gather, community. So thank you. Love your friend Tracie.

  2. That just sounds completely divine and feels now like an essential thing to include…is cocoa there like it is here.?.??? This is warming me up beautifully :)) mmmm thank you x

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