simple wishes


i almost don’t want to write anything, because would you look at the sweetness of this?  i know i’m biased because she’s my little girl, but really… the soft light, the quiet and intense focus, the wisps of hair, the band-aid.

and i sit here wondering if you’d be satisfied if that’s all i wrote?  would that be enough?  because i think it really is enough.  it’s all that’s ever enough.  to be in the light (literal and metaphorical), to walk our days with intention, to allow our hair to be wispy and free every now and then, to don the occasional band-aid for life’s bumps and bruises.

and so i think i will leave you with this.  not because i’m uninspired to write more.  but because this feels enough.  sometimes less is more.

i wish you light and intention.  i wish you wisps.  and i wish you band-aids as needed.

sending  a little love your way, m


p.s. decorating gingerbread houses is a favorite holiday tradition of ours (thank you, baba and pops).  you can read about another favorite tradition of ours right here.



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