24 wishes


1.    world peace
2.    a snowy winter
3.    hugs
4.    a steady sense of calm
5.    new research revealing that christmas cookies are healthy
6.    blue skies
7.    gray skies
8.    respect
9.    gratitude
10.  leaps of faith
11.  dreams
12.  intervals of quiet
13.  patience
14.  fresh eyes
15.  grace
16.  openness
17.  generosity
18.  more sushi, please
19.  empathy
20.  words that stir the soul
21.  contentment
22.  laughter and lightness
23.  forward movement
24.  an embracing of what is

whatever wishes you hold in your heart, i hold them for you too.
and whatever and however you might celebrate this time of year,
i wish you joy and happiness.

sending a little love your way, m


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7 thoughts on “24 wishes

  1. All cookies are entirely healthy :))) for the soul xxx beautiful sentiments and wishes….from a beautiful soul x hoping you have all in abundance xxxx


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