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what has passed is past
what lies at your feet
(at this very moment)
this is your life
the coffee, the laundry
the crying baby, the ailing parent
this is your now
give it gentle attention

celebrate (and forgive) the past in your heart
allow space for future dreams, but
the chair in which you sit, the book you hold
the smiles you give, the embraces you receive
this is your now
give it gentle attention

know the common struggle
that we all stumble from time to time, and yet
the sun warms our faces and the moon lights our ways
the babies coo and the parents bestow final blessings
this is your life
this is your now
pay attention

wishing you gentleness as you close this year and begin the new…
sending a little love your way, m


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6 thoughts on “attention

  1. Oh M.
    How perfectly you’ve expressed it all:
    Your now, my now;
    The joys and struggles we all experience.
    Thank you for the call to gentle attention.
    It’s like a lovely permission slip that I so often seem to need.
    I’m wishing you peaceful moments to soak in the now, bundled up with lots of love, laughter and blessings in the bright New Year ahead…


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