beginning {in sevens, on this seventh day of the new year}


it’s a new year, yes indeed.  and a new year means a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning.

beginning :: seven synonymous nouns
genesis, origin, dawn, birth, opening, creation, source

beginning :: seven synonymous verbs
initiating, birthing, creating, actualizing, doing, effecting, opening

so imagine standing center in this dawn, this genesis, this opening.
imagine initiating, birthing, actualizing.

beginning :: seven questions
will you begin to practice patience?
will you begin to explore grace?
will you begin cleaning that dreaded closet?
will you begin writing a poem, even if you’re the only one to ever read its lines?
will you begin fueling your body with healthy foods and exercise and rest?
will you begin loving more?
will you begin releasing all that you no longer need in an effort to embrace what lies in the here and now?

beginning :: for me, this beginning is a continuation of last year, last week, yesterday.  this beginning is forward movement into the next moment, the next day.  it is movement that circles around my family and my friends and myself, and movement that nudges me into some areas that might be uncomfortable but will be necessary for personal growth.  this beginning, for me, means gentle and genuine movement.

blessings on your beginnings
sending a little love your way, m


p.s. if you haven’t discovered this resource yet, susannah’s unravelling the year ahead workbook is a gentle exploration…i highly recommend.

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5 thoughts on “beginning {in sevens, on this seventh day of the new year}

  1. lovely words Michelle! I hope you had a fantastic start to the new year and that your beginnings are abundant :) I am savoring the last week of the kids then looking forward to a clean house and some healthy eating.

  2. “this beginning is forward movement into the next moment, the next day.” ~ perfect! i’ve been thinking about how we put so much pressure to start fresh on january 1 but its really just about moving forward…love this!


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