four senses…right now


right now i see…
1.  juniper sprigs on my desk
2.  the sun peeking through a cloud-covered sky
3.  a bit of clutter on my desk that really needs to be tidied
4.  the birches outside my window swaying ever so slightly

right now i hear…
1.  sweet trills  on the violin, courtesy of my son
2.  my pup barking at the deer out back {she’s thinks she’s fierce}
3.  my breath entering and leaving my body as i take a seriously deep one
4.  this, now that my son has finished his violin practice

right now i touch…
1.  the keys of my keyboard
2.  my pup’s fluffy fur as i try to soothe her {read: stop her barking}
3.  the skin of my neck as i massage a kink that’s been there for three days
4.  the essence of this moment

right now i taste…
1.  water, for which i am so grateful
2.  the sweetness of motherhood
3.  the satisfaction of getting  holiday decorations put away
4.  imagined flavors of the dinner i’m about to prepare

and you?  what are your senses up to right now?

sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “four senses…right now

  1. Tasting and feeling warm tea as it travels down my throat. Hearing the kettle’s gentle whistle as it tells me the water is ready for a second cup. Seeing the glow of the red hot burner as the stove begins to cool off. Feeling the warm steam of this fresh cup as it drys the tears on my cheeks. Feeling my heart flutter as it tries to find a comforting spot in the day. Knowing truely that I am surrounded by love and trying to shower gentleness upon myself and the world.

  2. tasting warm lemon water, feeling the cool cement floor under my bare toes, smelling a fried egg, listening to the morning silence, running my fingers across my bangs feeling like a need a haircut !

  3. i see…this computer screen and the memory of your face as I write this!
    i hear…the sound of the tv in the distance
    i touch…the keyboard that connects me in this miraculous way to you!
    i taste….the delicious berry pie i just finished

    xo, marmee


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