ten things {and a giveaway}

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ten things, winter.

1.   hot cocoa, hot tea, hot chai
2.   wool slippers
3.   snowflakes
4.   snowpeople
5.   late afternoon light
6.   soups
7.   fleece blankets
8.   sweaters, scarves, mittens
9.   sitting fireside
10. the hush that comes with snow

my dear friend, rosaria, has knitted up a beautiful pair of natural mohair fingerless mitts. {she did this for us once before, and her mitts traveled all the way to australia!}  the mitts for this giveaway are creamy white and so, so soft and, yes, i kinda want to keep them.  but i won’t…they’re for one of you!  to enter the giveaway for the mitts you see above, leave a comment telling us something wintry.  comments will remain open until sunday, january 26, midnight EST. the winner will be announced back here on monday!  when commenting, please make sure to leave an email address where i can reach you. {your email will *not* appear in the comments}
so go on…tell us something crisp or cozy!

and the winner is…gerri, who wrote:  The most wintry thing in my life right now is snow. We’ve been bombarded with it here in MI. But, it does paint a beautiful picture… xxO
thanks to all of you who played along!  
gerri, an email will be on its way shortly!

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. there’s still time to register for 28 moments!



8 thoughts on “ten things {and a giveaway}

  1. oh how i am enjoying the cold days here, the first in many years…a fire in the fireplace, wearing scarfs that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time, and loving the quiet evenings snuggling up on the couch with a cuppa chai!( I love these mittens!)

  2. We don’t get a lot of snow here but the wind picks up a lot. So, winter wind, brings a little extra chill to the air. More reasons to get cozy and snuggly.

  3. Something Wintry by Karen

    the delight in your faces
    as the snow fell outside
    was all it took for
    chores to be set aside
    out we went to romp in the snow
    big smiles while sledding
    snowmen a’building
    and chilly red noses that glow
    back in the house now
    for hot cocoa and cookies
    the chores aren’t done
    there’re mittens and hats on the floor
    but who cares?
    let’s bundle back up and go out for
    some more!!

    recalling memories of when my children were little and how much we LOVED getting out and playing in the snow! So I did chores when they went to bed…some things are more important than stupid ole chores….!

  4. Never knew the beauty of an Ice storm until this winter season. Every object, organic and man-made, covered with a thick layer of ice. Early morning and late afternoon light turned the whole world into a prism. I take out my camera to capture such rare beauty. Through the lens I see colors of blue with glittering gold bokeh lighting up the silhouettes of trees, fences and tall wild grasses. Everything is quiet except for the crunching ice under my feet and the occasional bird breaking ice from the branches as she takes flight. Time and space are still for just a moment – amazing how it’s power can still the person inside me – just long enough to show it’s glory and beauty.

  5. I love the silence that comes with the snow.
    In this winter,only once for a day…
    Today finally fells the second snow overnight.
    My cat does not like.
    Looked out the front door and turned back.
    Let me open the top door
    from there she goes through the roof terrace down
    but there, too, the same picture.
    She looked at me sadly
    we both went up to the roof edge
    even there all white…:
    My presence was comforting her.
    We stood and looked long.
    Then we went inside.
    Cat lay down to sleep.
    I took the blade and made her little way free.
    When she awakes,
    will be pleased…


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