her breath


it’s the middle of the night and
she wakes me
i stumble down the hall behind her
hoping to keep myself sleepy as i follow
she climbs into bed
the twinkle lights illuminating
her sweetness
i climb in beside her and
we lay side by side
middle of the night darkness and
those twinkle lights
she won’t tell me about the dream
makes it too real
i suppose, to voice the words and
so we lay in silence and
i try to fall asleep as
she tries to fall asleep

eventually her breathing slows, deepens
and i am left awake, fully
i feel the warmth of her body next to mine
notice how long her legs are getting
remember how she once nestled into
my chest, chin to belly
but now there is length
oh, such length
but the breathing is the same
slow and deep
i know her breath

some things never change
oh, how i hope
some things will hold
the comfort
the knowing of breath
the twinkle lights illuminating the
middle of the night darkness


sending a little love your way, m



12 thoughts on “her breath

  1. My son was the one who would have bad dreams usually from a movie we watched together as a family. He would fly into our room and snuggle between us and then we would have the worst sleep ever because of an elbow, a leg poking us through the night. We never kicked him out and the next night he was fine and all was well once again.

    Sweet memories that you’ve captured.

  2. so-o-o sweet! i remember those moments….! enjoy! …time seems to just go to fast!! …the one thing we can never get back is the one thing that is most precious….time… :)

  3. as mothers we so desperately need sleep. but when we take the time to receive these moments as gifts, like you have done here, we are rewarded with such fullness. lovely post. xoxo


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