but really…

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well, we’re in week two of my online class, 28 moments, and can i tell you how much i love leading these groups?  it is a true honor {seriously} to walk these weeks with people who have entrusted me with a bit of themselves.

my first run of the class was fall 2013 and i had an amazing group of women gather.  i remember thinking, how in the world am i gonna get another group like this?  um…ask and ye shall receive, i guess.*  because the current group {which includes three alumni…so honored they’re back for more} is amazing too.  just one week under our belts, and they’ve dived right in…marking moments of their day with photos, marking moments lived with words.  and they’re sharing all of that with me and each other.

and, yes, i’ve put a lot of work into 28 moments…but it is a privilege to lead such groups.  wonderful sharing happens in our private flickr group, and i get personal emails from participants so that i feel almost guilty receiving all the love.  which, if you told me you were feeling guilty, i’d tell you don’t be ridiculous; you deserve every bit.  and so i push aside the guilt which creeps in and i try to receive it all with grace.  it is powerful what can happen when people gather, when people try new things or explore old things in new ways, when people open their hearts.

it’s perhaps cliche when someone says it’s all good.  eh, really?
but really.  this is all good.

sending a little love your way, m


*have you read this book?




5 thoughts on “but really…

  1. I’m just so very happy I made a point to sign up for your winter course. It felt right and now that I’m there I know it’s right. You are a great leader with such wise bits of advice. I have already learned so much. Thank you.

    Love your friend Tracie

  2. It so wonderful to hear that 28 moments is going so fantastically for you and all the participants. And you do deserve all the gifts the universe is bestowing upon you. I am glad you are taking the time to let it seep in. I am so happy for you all! xx


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