i believe


it’s white everywhere
and the sun shines brightly
so bright that you squint
eyes peeking beneath fleecey brims
smiles just above parkas zipped tight

standing at the top and anticipating what will follow
you can’t climb upon your sleds fast enough
and then you do
climb upon
and you’re off
in the blink of an eye

i remain at the top
my eyes peeking beneath woolen cap
my smile floating above zipped parka
i witness your pure and simple joy
let it wash over me and fill me

and then you begin the trek uphill
for there is always that return trip and
you trudge side by side
smiles less big
and i watch your bodies climbing upward
one step then another
the metaphor not lost on me

then you do it again

and i believe in all of this
in the peeking eyes and anticipation
in the hills and the steps
and most of all
in your joy


sending a little love your way, m




4 thoughts on “i believe

  1. Ahhh! So lovely, so true! We are desperate for some heavy snows and good sledding! We had one trip … just the hardy of us out there (it was barely 0) and conditions rather poor, more like slick grass sledding. But what I love … what always amuses my girl … is no matter how much I try, I cannot help myself from screaming the.entire.way.down.the.hill. Oh yes, I hop on and we travel together and be warned – I cannot steer! Which maybe is why I scream … my siren call for “get out of my way!”

    Love sharing your moments … bringing up my own to savor and hold. xo


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