i’ll take it


i bought tulips yesterday.  once home, i lay them on the table and put groceries away.  it was late afternoon, almost time to get dinner cooking.  and the light was streaming through the sliding glass doors…past 4PM and still beautiful light.  and, as much as i enjoy winter, i thought with pleasure of all the extra photographs i’ll be able to take in the coming months given the extra hours of sunshine.

and, though groceries needed putting away so that a meal could be made, i grabbed my camera.  how could i not?  these sweet purple bits, with their fresh green counterparts, bathing in late afternoon light.  begging, i tell you, for a photograph.

i sit here writing this on a grey morning, the tulips behind me on the kitchen table, lovely even in the meek light of today.  and just beyond my computer screen, i look to the february sky, grey and bleak.  the birch branches sway in the cold wind.

but i don’t mind.  yes, there is snow forecasted {sigh}.  but i’ve tulips on the table, and extra hours of light coming my way, even if they’re snowy hours. i’ve got that.  and i’ll take it.

sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “i’ll take it

  1. lucky you to have some pretty flowers to look at! I love winter and all of its coldness as you know but I did enjoy the spring jacket weather we experienced last weekend…..soon very very soon.


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