you know how you get off track every now and then?  and then something shifts – you shift – and your feet hit the ground running?  or strolling, or stepping timidly…but you make contact with something and you move forward.

for years i’ve done a short breathing/meditation practice early in the morning.  nothing elaborate; simple works best for me.  but somewhere in the holiday shuffle {months ago, ahem}, i started opting for a little extra sleep instead of making my way to blankets and shawl.  i didn’t like giving up the morning practice – because i know how powerful it is for me – but i was tired and so made a conscious choice to gift myself in a different way {i.e., sleep}. but i’ve been missing that kind of start to my day.

so today found me consciously choosing to groggily step out of bed and shuffle my way to the blankets.  seated with my spine tall, eyes closed.  my breathing slow, deep, intentional.

shifting and moving forward.
how about you…what kind of shifts are you feeling?

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. playing along with bella at 52 photos project.




7 thoughts on “forward

  1. I am feeling the loss of one hour of sleep. It’s getting harder as I get older. Lucky for me my morning schedule is a little flexible. Why do we skimp of stuff that is good for us? A mystery-glad you resumed your breathing meditation.

  2. Your writing is always so lovely.. you draw such a clear picture in your readers’ minds :) It sounds like your morning breathing is a wonderful shift, and one that has so many benefits throughout the day. I have felt a shift lately — a gradual pulling to return to my intention I set during intention for 7. I frequently talk about how that week made me feel better, focused, and accepting!

  3. After every one leaves the house the dog takes me for a walk into the forest…breathing , silence,watching nature ! Perfect to keep me balanced!

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about. I use to get up hours before anyone else in the house, this was my time for me, to read my bible, knit, walk as the sun was rising, and then I stopped. I started getting up with everyone else which meant they were pulling me in different directions. This past Saturday I went back to my old schedule and my days are much smoother.


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