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so this is on my mind…
how incredible amounts of energy are needed to hold back, to avoid, to deny {anything}.  and yet?  i find myself falling into that occasionally.  i hope awareness counts for something and that, as i grow older and wiser {oh, please, i hope i’m getting wiser}, i lean into gentle, forward movement rather than stagnation and avoidance.  if you’ve been with me in this space for even a little bit of time, you know that i celebrate little steps, little moments.  they build one upon the other.  they link up, string together.

and as i sit and write about this business of little things, i will tell you that i know it’s not easy.  i will tell you that i succumb to fear and sometimes avoid the little steps myself.  because, on the surface, it seems easier to just not do something.  scared of rejection?  well then, don’t submit the photograph, don’t paint the painting, don’t sit at the potter’s wheel, don’t tell the joke.  but then where would that leave us?  i think it would leave us living a life of regret {there are no regrets if you at least try}; it would leave us living a misrepresentation of our true self {really you can be many parts of a whole}; it would leave us living an unauthentic life {let’s not go there}.

the habit of sinking into fear/fatigue/name-your-poison…how to overcome?  for me, it really is about baby steps.  i take one photograph right now; i scribble broken lines in my journal {even one line, if that’s all i’ve got on a given day}.  i show up and do something.  no one else is going to write my words.  and no one else is going to speak your truth.  so speak….loudly, clearly, with passion.  rise above and move beyond.  just move.

i recently watched the video below {via jen lee…thank you, jen} and it touched my heart.  simple wisdom about fear and life and cookies.  have a watch…

tell me, what do you do when you feel yourself sinking into fear or doubt?  what do you do when you’re scared?

sending a little love your way, m
{and sending extra if you’re presently sinking…know that you will rise}

9 thoughts on “rise

  1. Oh! this is amazing. I feel so not right at this moment. I’m scared and I’m in a group of amazing women and I feel two inches tall and I keep asking myself? “How did I even get here?” I have watched that video a long while ago. I loved it. I showed my children. I thought it was really amazing. So today, your words are so very perfect and encouraging and baby steps is such a good thing rather then just giving up entirely. Thank you friend. I love being human with you. xo Your friend Tracie

  2. It is so funny that you wrote this (now). I guess it’s the universe’s way of reminding me how connected we all are, in case I forgot. (Though I know I didn’t) …all through this past week and into this one, the words …tiny steps, tiny moments, tiny breaths has been popping up in my head over and over. It’s the way I have been moving forward. And I am slowly, as it was meant to be moving ahead. It’s not been hard per say just uncomfortable. Btw, love that little movie. Saw it awhile ago and was glad to be reminded of it again.

  3. I will be 60 in a few months and so I think a lot about what is next. I surprise myself at times that I am brave enough to take the baby steps and move into places that seem so out of my character. What a wonderful, thought provoking post. And the video was so good. xoxo

  4. Well you nailed it Michelle, or at least for me you did. Baby steps, we learned as infants and it’s a skill that continues to help as we grow older.
    I think life would be pretty boring if we never put ourselves out there, reached, continued to grow, it keeps life interesting.

  5. You are tapping into a very delicate matter with me this week, as I continue to move forward right straight thru some brave writing. ( for publications ) Sharing my vulnerable, brave truths. MOVING. FORWARD. Yes, that’s what I do…my new mantra is “Keep moving forward” and eat cookies !!

  6. Oh I so GET this.
    I’m going to watch the movie a bit later, but yes, baby steps, pushing through, both require heaps of courage. It can almost feel exhausting to just begin.
    What fuels me is regret. There have been times I have played small and opportunities I could have risen to but didn’t.
    I let the fear sit with me, but more as a companion as I begin.


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