not crazy


i’m ready to take these snowflakes down, ready to usher in spring.
but there is freshly fallen snow on the ground now…eight inches of it.
um, hello? it’s march 18. um, say what? it was 65 degrees F on saturday.

i’m eager for spring, eager for fresh growth on the trees.
i’m longing for lush and green, even though one of my favorite sights is a tree’s bare branches against the sky.
i’m longing for a change in the weather.

but mother nature reminds me that transition isn’t always clean and clear and predictable.
sometimes things have a timetable of their own.
sometimes things get a little whacky, a little crazy.

as we shift seasons now, i feel a subtle, mirroring shift within myself.
and it is not at all clear or predictable. and it definitely seems to be on a timetable of its own.
but the sporadically crazy and unsure is sinking into a delicious sense of yeah, this is how it’s supposed to be.

i can only say that i feel something shifting, moving, settling…if you can appreciate settling within movement.
because it’s definitely movement.
and it’s definitely a bit of settling, a bit of relaxing into.

it feels pretty good these last few days, like this is how it’s supposed to be.
not with everything all figured out and neat and tidy.
but moving along.
and resting within that movement.

because i believe there can be resting within movement.
and i believe you can feel crazy and peaceful simultaneously.
at least i can.
is that crazy?

sending a little love your way, m



9 thoughts on “not crazy

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  2. Not crazy at all! I love this line, “but mother nature reminds me that transition isn’t always clean and clear and predictable.” That’s life isn’t it? I’m glad you’re feeling restful during this movement. That’s truly encouraging for others. :)

  3. yikes! that’s a lot of snow. That storm missed us. I feel a shift, I’ve been walking daily and it feels like spring even though it’s cold and nothings changed. I did see a robin, maybe that’s why….

  4. “like this is how is supposed to be” I like that. I need to settle that into my brain. I like that so much. I was a little surprised to see your fresh fallen snow on IG today and also our friend Vanessa, wow. I love her poetic countdown to spring. I’m happy to you know gals. Love your friend Tracie.

  5. Oh my eight inches.
    I feel the shift inside me also.
    As I get older I notice the changing of the seasons more.
    More deeply.
    And with more appreciation,
    Wonderful post. xoxo

  6. Not crazy.
    Not at all.
    I’m right there with you.
    I feel the shifting.
    It’s not all put together yet, but the pieces are slowly moving in the direction they’re supposed to.
    Divine timing.

    I love the way you’ve expressed it all…


  7. EIGHT inches of snow! Like you, I love winter…and now that we have moved south, we miss snow. But like you, I feel the sigh of “enough is enough”! Thank you, Michelle, for giving us words and images to bless our morning!


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