i’m warning you that this post is going to be full of randomness; i can feel it, before i finish typing this first sentence.  if you’re looking for cohesive thoughts today, this might not  be the spot for you.  i wrote last week about feeling a shift…the movement, the stillness and rest i was feeling in that movement. and i guess i’m still feeling that.  sort of.  but i’m also feeling incredibly congested and the accompanying sneezing and nose-blowing is kind of ruffling my feathers a bit.  sigh.

much of sunday was spent on the sofa, cozied up under a fleece blanket with this book in hand.  my daughter sweetly made sure i was tucked properly and had a stuffed animal to sit with me.  it was the perfect day to be lazy. although my son and husband were decidedly not lazy as they ran a 5K that morning.  and my son – intending to just run casually – set his PR {that’s runner speak for personal record} of 23 minutes.  um, yeah…good thing my husband ran that with him, because even on a day when i’m not congested, i cannot run a 5K in 23 minutes.  ahem.

so those daisies you see above are resting on our kitchen table.  they’re almost a week old and still looking fresh as…yep, a daisy.  apparently there’s a reason people say that.  i’ve got a smaller bouquet of daisies on my bathroom sink.  it makes me inordinately happy to brush my teeth and gaze at fresh flowers.  i don’t buy flowers often but i think maybe i should, given where they fall on my happiness scale.  noted.

my daughter’s birthday is next week and she’s having a few friends over this weekend to celebrate.  fortunately, it’s a small gathering and she doesn’t need themes or frivolities.  she just wants to play with her friends and have cupcakes.  i can do that.  i’ll be making these, and the girls will handle the decorating.  then we’ll send the girls home with these…a mix of flower seeds nestled in each eggshell.  and i mention this only because i thought you might be interested for your own garden {because once sprouted, and once the ground has thawed, you just pop the eggshell right into the ground…awesomely easy, right?} or maybe you have need of a little springtime gift for someone.  because really, who wouldn’t love this?  of course, if i were really on the ball, we would have planted our flower seeds weeks ago so that the girls would have little sprouts peeking out of the shells. yes, well…

also, because i’m not really on the ball, we are just now saving the eggshells. needless to say, there are a lot of eggs being eaten…which makes my son very happy as he will get eggs every morning for breakfast this week.  what’s that you say, quiche for dinner?  great idea!  in fact, since i don’t have a favorite quiche recipe, i was googling recipes yesterday morning and came upon this one.  i won’t make it because – aside from the onions, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts which certain people in this house would not stand for {and i know, i know…i could omit/substitute} – i just can’t be okay with an entire {even 7/8} stick of butter.  not with the cheese and heavy cream as well.  but holy wow it looks good, and i bet it’s amazing.  so that begs the question: anyone out there have a favorite quiche recipe to share?  please?

well, i think that’s enough drivel for now.  i’ll leave you with this:
here i am, where i ought to be.  ~louise eldrich~

honoring you, wherever you may be.  and
sending a little love your way, m




9 thoughts on “randoming

  1. I love your randomness. Feels like we were chatting on the phone!

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Friends and cupcakes. Perfect! And congrats to your son on his PR!

    Fresh flowers are the best! Daisies are so good at bringing joy.

    We no longer eat eggs or cheese, but back in the day I liked spinach and Gruyère quiche! And you can use vegan buttery sticks (Earth Balance) if you want to avoid the butter! We cook with them all the time!

    That quote was the most perfect reminder. Thank you.

    Sending love and get well wishes,

  2. Loved reading this! Happy birthday to your girl. Another vote for frittata – awesomely easy and yummy. :) I buy flowers every week – I resisted for a long time as it always seemed such an extravagance but I’ve also realised that the amount of pleasure I get from them far outweighs the financial cost, so I say go for it. Happy day to you. :)

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter and I’d like to send you some seeds to grow from here :))) my mum used to out gruyere cheese in the pastry of her mushroom and asparagus quiche… It was delicious.!!! Once in a while good food feeds the soul… Even the butter :)))) only then we have to run 5k xxx

  4. I love reading your drivel :)
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl and congratulations to your son on the run, wow!!
    That quiche looks amazing, too bad it has all the dairy. I haven’t found a great quiche recipe yet that it worth sharing, but I will keep looking.

  5. I put the book on hold at my library. I love the egg shell idea! I really like frittatas. Kind of like a quiche, but without the crust and you can pretty much throw anything in the egg mixture that is in your fridge. Hope you are on the mend, my friend! xo PS. Holy moly is your son fast! Two words: Cross Country! :-)

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter! I loved birthday parties that were simple and small :) random but full of lovely thoughts-have a wonderful week!


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