every moment a poem


the other day i was mulling over a quote {see below}.  i don’t usually share my journal entries here, but it seems that’s what’s calling me today.  so here we go.  a journal riff, if you will…

every moment is a poem if you hold it right.  ~ lauren zuniga

these words speak to me.  feel so true.  deep down.  like yes, this, THIS is what i want to tell people.  THIS is what i want to share and help people understand.  the moments – all of them – the good ones and the shitty ones are poems, all works of art.  can we stop just for a moment – can we hear the traffic rushing by or the lone mockingbird’s call or the running dishwasher? what do these sounds do to us?  can we feel the wood of desk or chair, worn smooth from years of use – dented perhaps by a toy dropped when it was still new?  and can you still hear the gasp you made at that first dent and can you remember the sinking feeling upon gazing at that dent in the $$$ tabletop? but it’s only two months old, says one.  but he’s only three years old, says two. and it’s a kitchen table.  and we’re a family sitting round this table.  this is our life.  we will leave our marks, whether dents in tabletop or otherwise. please, let us leave our marks.  let’s not skirt our way through, being careful not to drop things or bump into one another.  let’s bump and reach out a hand to steady one another.  each of those bits – the bumps, the reaches, the dented tabletops, the mockingbird – all poems.  let’s celebrate it all, give it and them the justice they deserve.  can we pause for one moment – at a traffic light, on the toilet for gods sake – just stop and take a deep breath? and note what’s going on around us.  not rushing each and every day from one thing to the next – because, sure, those days happen – but we don’t have to live that way daily.  we really don’t.  we can choose other.  we can choose different.  we can choose the poems.  we can write the poems – in our journals and blogs and emails and letters.  we can write them in our hearts and in our sighs and in our touches.  when i reach out to touch your cheek, your arm, your hand – do you feel that poem?  because i wrote that poem, just for you.


sending a little love {and a poem} your way, m



25 thoughts on “every moment a poem

  1. Without those marks and dents…I guess we’re not really living at all. Life to be significant must make a mark or six… It’s the marks which we should celebrate.. I think is what you’re saying. That’s good. This house is full of marks and so it’s how I see them that needs awareness… Surely that’s easier.? Is that the poem.? Xx

    1. the marks and dents – both literal and figurative – must happen {i believe} to live a life fully. and, yes, how we view/celebrate/embrace/accept them warrants attention. and in that attention, in that awareness…there lie our poems. xo

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  3. I don’t always comment on every post, (though I wish I could). I do read every post, and love your words, always. Thank you for sharing so many details and moments of your life. xo!

  4. Finding joy in the everyday and the mundane is my goal out of each day. Doesn’t always happen but after reading this it will happen today. Thank you for sharing. I just stumbled across your little part of the world. So happy I did.

    1. that’s a fantastic – and admirable – goal. i hope you found a bit in your today.
      and i’m so glad you stumbled across my little part of the world…so glad to have you here. xo

  5. thank you Michele for sharing, I love the quote and will hold it close today, it’s just what today needed as I dig deep in papers.

    1. tracey, thanks for being here to listen. isn’t that quote awesome? i’ve been holding it close for days and days…
      best of luck with those papers ;)

  6. Lovely to read as I sit listening to the birds in the backyard trees and preparing to go bumping and knocking my way through the day. How nice to be invited to leave a mark, instead of focusing on not making objectionable impressions (i.e., dents)! xxoo

    1. denise, smiling as i think of you A. listening to your backyard birds and B. imagining you bumping and knocking your way through a poetic day.
      here’s to invitations and here’s to marks…

  7. As I age (slowly of course) I am finding the moments suspended-I think because the kids are gone now and I have the affordability to stop and listen and take notice. I do however have memories of time stopping and me noticing while the kids were small and they are treasures.

    While walking to get the paper early this morning I heard a bird sing and at that moment, my minute was suspended as I focused on the song.

    1. oh, karen, i think i know what you mean about the moments suspended…yes! each time we suspend is a treasure indeed.
      and your mention of birdsong this morning…gave me a moment of pause as well, so thank you for that.

  8. This is beautiful. Your words here are beacons of light and love. They give me pause. It is perhaps easier to see that the good moments are poems, but “the shitty ones” too – that is the true beauty of your words for me today.

    1. patricia, *much* easier to see the good ones as poems ;) but the shitty ones…oh, i promise there is poetry in them too. if we push through and look/feel/experience we can find it. and i absolutely believe there is deep power in that…

  9. yes. please, let us leave our marks. yes. every moment a poem is one very important way to not get lost, and to leave all the right traces if we start to fade. thank you, dear friend!

  10. Your thoughts are beautiful. So is your calling…and how you are listening to it and sharing it.

    Thank you for helping me start my day this way. Oh the dents and gasps, I know that so well. I’ll remember this all next time, and try to see the life poem in it.


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