on hands and knees
because i see no other way
rag wet and
the smell of cleaning liquid filling my nostrils
i move
slowly across the floor
not relishing the task at hand but
knowing it must be done
because really
who else is going to do this


in my lack of relish
still i find a certain
in the rhythm of my hands
in the thumping of my knees as
i move
from one corner to another
until all the corners have been reached and
i sit back on my heels
and nod with satisfaction as the wet shine of
my floor my clean floor
back to me


sending a little love your way, m

p.s.  see what i mean??



8 thoughts on “movement

  1. Oh I’m a cheater, I use a mop but you know, there comes a day when hands and knees is the only way and the work and effort is worth every single minute. I bet your kitchen smells heavenly :)


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